Throughout the process of planning the Lake Restoration Project and establishing the special assessment districts, a number of questions were raised regarding both the project and the S.A.D. process. A summary of these questions and answers can be reviewed by clicking on the link below:

What are the lake’s problems?
  • Weeds, especially Eurasian milfoil
  • Nutrients, particularly phosphorous, in the lake sediment
  • Sediment and phosphorous brought into the lake via the Branch and Derby drain

What is the Lake Restoration Project?
  • Eliminate the eurasian milfoil by treating the entire lake with Sonar the first year and spot treating the next four years
  • A four-year pilot test to aerate a portion of the lake to prevent release of phosphorous into the water column, increase the oxygen level of the lake and reduce the organic sediment

What will the project cost?
  • Estimated total cost is $855,000 for five years maximum
  • Actual cost could vary slightly when bids are submitted

How will the project be paid for?
  • Each township has established a special assessment district (SAD) to collect special assessments spread over five years

What prevents the townships from using this money for other purposes?
  • By law, the money can be used only for the purpose spelled out in the special assessment district resolutions

Who is in the special assessment districts?
  • Developed, buildable or access waterfront properties
  • Waterfront condo complexes
  • Marinas that rent boat slips
  • Off-lake properties with deeded shared access through a park or other access property

How will properties be assessed?
  • Developed, buildable or access waterfront properties will be assessed one (1) assessment unit
  • Waterfront condo complexes will be assessed one (1) assessment unit per condo unit
  • Marinas will be assessed two(2) assessment units for eight(8) slips or less and two (2) units for each additional eight(8) slips or less
  • Off-lake properties will be assessed one-tenth (1/10) of a unit

How much will each parcel be assessed?
  • Waterfront properties will be assessed $182.47 per parcel each year
  • Waterfront condos will be assessed $182.47 per unit per year
  • Marinas will be assessed a multiple of $182.47 per year based on the number of slips as defined in the criteria
  • Off-lake properties will be assessed $18.24 per year

How long will the special assessment district last?
  • By law, the special assessment district can last only five years, and will then expire

What happens after the special assessment district expires?
  • The pilot program is intended to provide information about what can be done long term to control weed growth
  • If the method being piloted proves effective, a new project could be proposed
  • If a new project is proposed, new special assessment districts could be created, but only if the entire special assessment district process is restarted from the beginning

What about fixing the Branch and Derby drain?
  • The Paw Paw Lake Foundation and the Paw Paw Lake Association have approved a total of $35,000 to assist the Drain Commissione in having a study made of the drain to determine the problem areas and develop alternative courses of action
  • Both Township Supervisors have pledged to budget money over the next five years to further assist in this effort

What about finding grants to help pay for this?
  • Both Township Supervisors have pledged to ask their Boards to budget money to hire someone to seek out and apply for grants to help pay for either or both of the lake improvement or drain projects

What happens if a grant is found after the Lake Improvement SAD is approved?
  • If a grant is approved after the SAD is in effect, the grant money can be used to lower the SAD assessment

Who can I contact if I have other questions?
  • For more information go to pawpawlakerestoration.com and click on the Contact Us link.