The Paw Paw Lake Restoration Project consists of a five-year program to control the invasive weed Eurasion Milfoil, control other weeds and improve water quality of the lake. The program is being funded by Special Assessment Districts established by Coloma Township and Watervliet Township.
The program consists of two projects:
  1. Weed control for each of the five years. In April and May 2012 the entire lake will be treated with the herbicide Fluridone (trade name SONAR). For years 2013 through 2016 weeds will be spot-treated, if necessary, using other approved herbicides.
  2. In 2013 a four-year pilot of laminar flow aeration will begin in the northeast section of the lake. This location was selected because weed growth is especially dense and organic sediment is very thick. This effort is intended to help control weed growth, improve the dissolved oxygen level of the lake and possibly reduce the severity of algae blooms.
The estimated cost of the project is $855,500, which is also the total amount of the special assessment.
Although it is not part of the special assessment project, another vital weed control effort has begun. The Paw Paw Lake Foundation and Paw Paw Lake Association, working with Coloma and Watervliet townships, have initiated a project to significantly reduce nutrients and sediment being carried into the lake by the Branch and Derby drain. More information is available on the Foundation website: www.pawpawlakefoundation.com.
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